Bribri, Costa Rica

Hike into Bribri Indigenous Community

2 Days | Cultural Activities, Trekking and Community Visit

Hike 3-4 hours through the Talamanca Rainforest into the Yorkin indigenous territory for an opportunity to experience genuine Bribri culture. You will interact with a variety of people in the community while you visit organic banana and chocolate plantations, visit a local farm, and stay overnight in the traditional Stibrawpa lodge.

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2 Days / 1 Night

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Cultural Immersion and Active Adventure


Other Local Language and Spanish
If you don't speak a moderate amount of Spanish, we recommend adding a bilingual guide.

Physical Activity

Challenging workout


Rainforest and Rural Communities


Wifi: None
Cell: Limited


Locally Owned Community Association
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Speaks: Other Local Language and Spanish


  • Trek through the Talamanca rainforest
  • Ride in a traditional dugout canoe on the Yorkin river
  • Learn about organic production of cacao
  • Try traditional bribri cuisine
  • Meet the local group of women protecting the forest!



Flexible start, arrange in advance


Flexible Departure Date
All year

This tour will take us to Yorkin, a community located in Bribri indigenous territory in the middle of the tropical rainforest of Talamanca. Early in the morning we will meet with the guide at the Bambú community, a place where the last grocery store to which you have access for the next two days is located. We will walk to the banks of Sixaola River where we will catch a canoe to the other side and fold our kick off the walk to the entrance to indigenous territory. During the first 40 minutes we will climb up a path created for a tractor to enter to pick bananas produced in the surrounding communities. We will make some stops to see the sights of the Talamanca valley. By going down little by little we will find some Indian houses located near the road where we can share greetings with people we find on the way, reaching Shuab School where we will be welcomed with a small snack. The school has 16 children attending levels from first through sixth grade; we will know their classrooms, the dining room, its small garden and even learn a few words in Bribri which will integrate us more with their culture. We will continue the walk, always in company of the Yorkin River on our left. During a journey of about 45 minutes, we will be crossing a small stream where we can take some time to freshen up quickly. Little by little we are interning in the woods and more we are seeing as we start to involve us in the nature around us. Once arriving at the ranch of the group Mujeres Cuidando Tierra (Women Caring for the Earth), they will provide us with a warm welcome; we will have enough time so they will tell us about their projects and anecdotes. We will be sharing a Bribri style lunch which will refill our energy to finish off the last part of the journey. On the path that will take us to Stibrawpa or Casa de Las Mujeres we can observe the Yorkín river with the mountains of Talamanca in the background, we will cross a creek where we can take a dip and enjoy its clear water surrounded by the forest. At our arrival to Yorkín, we will walk around the little village and we’ll see banana o cacao organic plantations. In the afternoon we will have free time to rest, relax on a hammock or visit the Skui river and the hanging bridge but you don’t want to miss learn how to produce chocolate and we will eat organic bananas coated in a freshly prepared chocolate. In the evening enjoy dinner and then we will participate on a cultural exchange where we can listen ancestral stories about the Bribri culture, an oral tradition passed from generation to generation. Overnight at the Posada Rural Stibrawpa.

At 6:30 a.m. we will enjoy breakfast and then start the walk to Don Rigoberto’s farm which is located one hour and a half from the lodge. This is a hike that will bring us a lot of Bribri culture. We will walk through cacao plantations and we will pass next to homes that reflect the lifestyle of its members. One of the trails will lead us to a forest surrounded by tall trees, which are hundreds of years. Under its shadow we can rest for a few minutes and then continue to the farm. At our arrival we will enjoy a snack while we rest on a typical hammock and listen to the stories that Don Rigoberto will tell us about their life and family. In this hut we can observe unique details such as the steps, the singular broom made of palm and other utensils of his culture. We will walk around the hut and we will see some farm animals, crops and fruit trees and we will have the opportunity to enjoy the little natural hot springs. Then, we will walk back to the lodge with a full smile for having been part of this experience, where a delicious lunch will be waiting for us. Around 2:00 p.m. we will go back to Bambú, this time on a canoe down the Yorkin river, this trip will let us enjoy the impressive scenery that juxtaposes the river next to the virgin forest.

What's Included


1 Night Community Lodge


Storytelling, Getting to Know Locals, Farm Visit, Cultural Activities, Community Visit, Class/Workshop, Trekking, Walking tours, Chocolate Making, Canoeing and Swimming


Bilingual guide (extra $) and Local guide (not bilingual)


Private Room


All meals included


Hike and Boat

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Locally Owned Community Association

ACTUAR (Costa Rican Association of Rural and Community Tourism) supports a network of over 40 partner communities across Costa Rica. They offer innovative and customized programs for visitors who wish to live authentic experiences of Costa Rican culture and experience the local charm. They combine the great classics of Costa Rica ecotourism and visiting destinations in rural communities, planning fun, educational trips that promote a harmonious relationship between conservation and rural development.

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Getting There

Transport options

Get picked up (extra $), Bus, Taxi and Drive
The local guide will wait for you at the pulperia (local store) in the town of Bambu where you will begin your trek into the Yorking community. To get to Bambu you will most likely be coming from the Puerto Viejo area and you can either take a public bus, a private transport/taxi, or drive yourself.