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Manu National Park, Peru

Manu Wildlife Express

4 Days | Wildlife Viewing and Eco Lodge

Observe incredible wildlife while you stay at a remote rainforest lodge in Manu National Park - one of the most biologically diverse places on earth! After an exciting car and boat journey through the rainforest and a river, you will arrive at the Manu Wildlife Center and see its incredible beauty for the first time. During this 4 day/3 night tour, you will hike through amazing trails, visit clay licks to see Macaws and Tapirs, boat out onto an oxbow lake in search of Giant Otters, and learn about the local culture from your guides along the way!

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4 Days / 3 Nights

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Connect with Nature, Active Adventure and Off the Beaten Path


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  • Take in the scenery of the rainforest above the tree-line at one of Manu Wildlife Center's canopy viewing towers
  • Enjoy walking tours through the diverse jungle--a chance to see a Spider-Monkey and a variety of beautiful wildlife
  • Visit, and learn more about Manu Wildlife Center's unique Tapir and Macaw clay lick projects



Flexible Departure Date


2 travelers minimum

This multi-day tour begins on Monday each week.

After your flight arrives at the airport in Puerto Maldonado, Manu Wildlife Center provides a private fan to transfer you to Santa Rosa Village. You will get there in about 2 1/2 hours. During the trip, you will take a 10-minute boat ride to Puerto Carlos across the Inambari River. Here, you will start your overland journey to Boca Colorado, by car, followed by a four hour motorized boat journey upstream the Madre de Dios River. They will provide you with a delicious boxed lunch at the beginning of the boat journey to Manu Wildlife Center. You will arrive to Manu Wildlife Center for dinner, and enjoy your first evening in the rainforest!

After a delicious breakfast, you will encounter the rainforest for the first time, exploring some of the 30 miles of forest trails that surround the lodge. You will have an excellent chance of encountering some of the 12 species of monkeys, including the Spider Monkey and Emperor Tamarin, which inhabit the surrounding forest.  You'll walk through the forest for a bit where you find the Macaw Lick project. Macaws will be coming in groups of 2-3, being a beautiful sight for travelers. After, you will return to the lodge for lunch. Later, you will continue to explore and discover the rainforest, including its plant life, and the network of trails surrounding the lodge. In the late afternoon, you will arrive at the extremely high Canopy Tower. On its platform, you witness the frantic rush‐hour activity of twilight in the rainforest canopy, before night closes in. Then, you will set off along the “collpa trail”, which will take your group to the lodge’s famous Tapir Clay lick. Here, at the most active tapir lick known in the entire Amazon, their research has identified from 8‐12 individual 600‐pound Tapirs who come to this lick to eat clay from under the tree roots. The lick features a roomy, elevated observation platform above the forest floor.

You will leave early in the morning to head to Oxbow Lake. As you circle the lake on the catamaran, you might encounter the Giant Otter family on a fishing expedition, or troops of monkeys crashing noisily through the trees. Dainty Sun Grebes paddle across the water, supple‐necked Anhinga air‐dry their wide, black wings, and perhaps an Osprey scans for fish from a high branch.  Woodpeckers, tanagers, macaws, toucans and parakeets all finally come swooping in to trees surrounding the lake. This is an incredible opportunity to take in the serenity of the wildlife. After lunch at the lodge, your guide is available to lead you on freewheeling expeditions in search of further wildlife encounters. Or, you may take one of the lodge’s many trails on private and personal excursions to commune with the spirits of the rainforest. From the late afternoon until after dinner, they offer an opportunity to ride a boat in search of caiman and other nocturnal life along the riverbank!

On your final morning, it's time to depart back to Puerto Maldonado airport. Depending upon the time you need to be at the airport, your breakfast will be served at the lodge, or on the boat as you go. Of course, this is a perfect time to take advantage of amazing, early morning wildlife activity along the river. In addition, this journey allows you to see several lowland native settlements and gold miners digging and panning gold along the banks of the Madre de Dios River. You will stop in the far‐west type gold‐mining town of Colorado to start your overland journey to Puerto Carlos. Then you will cross the Inambari River to Santa Rosa, and finally, a van or bus will drive you to the airport in Puerto Maldonado City. Stay and explore the area more, or take your flight back to Lima or Cusco!

What's Included


3 Nights Eco Lodge


Birdwatching, Community Visit, Hiking, Walking tours and Wildlife Viewing


Bilingual guide


Private Room and Private Bathroom


All meals included


Private van, Boat, Walk and Hike

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Locally Owned Tour Operator

InkaNatura is a tour operator in Peru who strive to achieve conservation of the Earth through tourism. In addition to conservation efforts, InkaNatura is active in their local communities and always working toward a better future for them. InkaNatura offers a variety of multi-day excursions to Manu and Tambopata, some of the most biodiverse areas in Peru. You will have the chance to hike amazing trails, see rare wildlife, and hear stories about the living jungle around you!

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Getting There

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You will fly from Lima or Cusco on a short flight to Puerto Maldonado. After arriving at the airport, a private van will be waiting for you and will transport you to Manu Wildlife Center.