Iraq al Amir, Jordan

Make Traditional Crafts in a Historic Village

2-3 Hours |

Let the women of the Iraq al Amir Association teach you traditional weaving techniques, how to craft and paint your own ceramics or the process for making organic paper from natural leaves of banana and okra. You can also enjoy a traditional sample platter of local foods and explore the beautiful Ottoman-era building that houses the Association.

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2-3 Hours

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Cultural Immersion, Family Friendly and Foodie Fun


The women speak very little English, so get ready for some gesturing.

Physical Activity

Light activity


Small Towns/Villages


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Speaks: Arabic


  • Make your own ceramic piece using traditional tools, paint it and take the finished product with you
  • Learn how to weave using traditional and eco-friendly tools
  • Make natural papers from the fibers of banana, okra and halva leaves



Flexible start time, arrange in advance


Flexible Departure Date
All year

What's Included


You can choose one or all of these activities: making organic paper, traditional weaving and making ceramics.


Available for purchase (extra $)
Try the traditional mazze platter!

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Your Local Host

Iraq al Amir Women's Association

Locally Owned Community Association

Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Association was established over 20 years ago in an area rich with historical sites dating back to the Hellenistic era. Today, the women from the Association share special skills with guests and travelers, like traditional weaving, ceramics and cooking. You can stop by for a visit to buy these handicrafts and local delicacies - or you can spend an afternoon with the women learning these traditional techniques for yourself!

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