in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Alltournative is a pioneer in ecotourism in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Through their tours, they have helped with the economic and social development of Mayan communities. They also strive to preserve the environment, by educating Mayan communities and implementing eco-friendly practices during their excursions.

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Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion, Connect with Nature, Historical Sites and Off the Beaten Path




Rainforest, River and Small Towns/Villages

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Tour Operator started in 1998| Locally Owned

A Unique Story

Alltournative started with the goal to make Mayan culture and nature more accessible to travelers. They wanted travelers to go beyond the beach and immerse themselves in the culture Mexico has to offer.

Community Connection

Through their tours, Alltournative has helped increase the income and job opportunities of Mayan communities. This has helped improve their quality of life and helps preserve local customs, ceremonies, and festivities. They also help with the development of adolescents and children in the Mayan community.

Environmental Engagement

Alltournative strives to conserve 7,553 hectares of forest that is the natural habitat of hundreds of species. They do this by educating local communities about eco-friendly practices.




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