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Alternative Peru is an operator that offers off-the-beaten path experiences in Lima, Cusco, Peruvian Amazon, and the rural community of Huaraz. All of their tours seek to remove travelers from overcrowded tourist sights, and take you to places that are full of authentic Peruvian culture!

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Business started in 2014| Local/Foreign Owned with 95% local staff

Community Connection

For all of their tours, they work as much as possible with members of the communities they visit. For instance, when they visit the human settlements of Lima, which are their most popular tours, local (often single) mothers cook lunch for the visitors, and they get paid well for this, allowing them to earn an income for their families.
This tour is also partly guided by a local guide from the community who works together with the bilingual guide - giving extra background information and translations. In addition, this tour benefits a local project that supports children, teenagers and women from the community.

Environmental Engagement

The majority of half- and full-day tours are in urban areas so there is not too much wildlife or nature. However, they try to take measures to decrease our environmental impact both in the office and on tour. For example, they offer a multiple-day tour (ecological stay) in the Iquitos region of the Amazon. Here, travelers stay in an authentic, basic eco-lodge, built in the local style and with respect to the environment (ecological toilet, natural shower etc).


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