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Andaman Discoveries started as North Andaman Tsunami Relief - after completing many projects to help coastal communities recover from the 2004 tsunami, they decided to continue their work as a social enterprise helping communities develop sustainable tourism projects. Only a few hours away from the touristy areas of Phuket, Koh Samui, and Khao Lak, they now connect travelers to the friendly communities of the north Andaman region. They invite you to experience their traditional way of life and diverse eco-systems in an authentic and non-intrusive way. Volunteer, join a homestay tour, experience authentic ecotourism and enjoy the real Thailand!

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Beach, Rural Communities, Lake, Small Towns/Villages and Mountains

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Local/Foreign Owned Social Enterprise
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Social Enterprise started in 2004| Local/Foreign Owned with 60% local staff

A Unique Story

They began as a relief organization and transitioned into a social enterprise supporting community-based tourism. Through a dedicated network of supporters, volunteers, and donations, NATR successfully implemented over 120 projects in 12 villages by listening to and working with the villagers themselves. All projects have focused on long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability and creating realistic economic opportunities through training and marketing.
With the consent and assistance of the villagers, Andaman Discoveries conducted numerous community feasibility studies to assess whether tourism meets the wider needs of the community.

Community Connection

They ensure that the majority of the profit from each village tour goes directly back to the villagers: 20 percent of guests’ in-village costs are donated to the village community fund. Funds can go towards community improvements, health emergencies and elderly care.
Andaman Discoveries also manages a long-term scholarship program to provide financial support for underprivileged children to complete high school.

Environmental Engagement

They also give 50% of their profit to the North Andaman Network Foundation (NAN Foundation) which was established to serve communities in the area by empowering them through conservation and development projects.
Indirect positive impacts are mainly attitudinal changes. Seeing tourists appreciate natural beauty, or disapprove of litter and illegal hunting makes an impression. Villages working with Andaman demonstrate an emerging anti-littering norm that is unusual across most of Asia.
Locals recognize the potential for negative environmental impacts from tourism too. If tourism grows too quickly, or is not managed well by community groups and Andaman, the environment could suffer.


As Andaman currently operates there is no detrimental cultural impact. In fact, several villagers mentioned how explaining local traditions to tourists improved villager knowledge of their own heritage. Tourism from Andaman is also flexible, so traditional livelihoods are maintained alongside tourism work.


Full Application Review and Sustainable Tourism Award/Certification


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