Apu Lodge

in Ollantaytambo, Peru

Apu Lodge is a charming bed and breakfast with 9 rooms located at the base of Apu Pinkuylluna, a sacred mountain in the town of Ollantaytambo. It is a 5 minute walk from the town square, down a peaceful pedestrian cobble-stone street lined with a water babbling aqueduct. Apu Lodge is an ideal location to either relax or explore popular attractions such as Machu Picchu, Salineras, and the Inca quarries.

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Comfortable Stay, Family Friendly and Time to Relax


$75 /night
Approximate price for 2 travelers sharing a room


Small Towns/Villages, Mountains and Quiet Area

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Foreign Owned Family Business
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Family Business started in 2009| Foreign Owned with 95% local staff

A Unique Story

The owner of Apu Lodge, Louise Norton, lived in Ollantaytambo for 13 years and her children were born there. Louise Norton has a strong history of promoting sustainable tourism both in Ollantaytambo and around the world. As the Vice President of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants, she worked closely with the municipality to plan for more sustainable tourism in Ollantaytambo. She is also a Founder and Director of Leap Local, a website for local guides and services, where users can search for and recommend guides from anywhere in the world.
Louise Norton focused on making Apu Lodge as sustainable as possible, starting with the construction of the lodge. Apu Lodge was built in 2006-2008 from natural and local materials, including stone, adobe, wood, local roof tiles, glass, and local plaster. Most guests do not require heating because the adobe bricks, that make up most of the construction of the lodge, keep the rooms cool during the day and warm at night when temperatures drop. Adobe bricks are not only sustainable but they also make the lodge cosier and more attractive compared to concrete.

Community Connection

Apu Lodge funds one full time wage for the physiotherapists at Yanapasun Therapy Centre in the nearby town of Urubamba, where the team works with people with various disabilities. Extra donations from guests for this project are always welcome. They also make regular donations to support other local events and organizations, for example the publication of educational books and refreshments for local volunteers on river and mountain clean-ups.

Environmental Engagement

Apu Lodge irrigates their garden using only the water from the river, which is channelled along the back of the terrace where the lodge is built, as it has been for centuries. Instead of using chemical pesticides or fertilizers, they use their own vegetable compost , animal manure and sprays made from spicy peppers and other organic matter. The ingredients used in their restaurant are either grown in their garden or purchased locally and any wasted food is composted or taken by a neighbor to feed her pig.
They conserve energy by air drying their sheets, towels and other laundry outside and they turn off the majority of their outdoor lighting by 9pm. They also use public transportation as much as possible when making purchases for Apu Lodge.
In addition to recycling their plastic bottles, Apu Lodge also provides filtered water to guests in order to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Since Ollantaytambo does not recycle glass, Apu lodge reuses wine bottles by using them to store olive oil they purchase from a local Pizzeria. Their prices encourage guests to purchase beer in larger bottles which can be returned and reused, unlike smaller bottles which are no longer reusable.


In the morning, local women weave and display their products for sale in the garden of Apu Lodge. They can also organize taxi tours to weaving communities and workshops taught by local craftspeople, such as potters, wood carver, and cooks. All the in the Lodge belong to a local gallery, Aliz Art, and many are were drawn by the owners, artists Liz and Juan.


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