Bait Khayrat Souf

in Jerash, Jordan

Bait Khayrat Souf is an organization deeply rooted in local history and known as the spot for tasting and experiencing authentic Jordanian culture. The association acts as a social enterprise and is led by ambitious and active women from the Souf village, each of whom have a skill to offer to every guest. The goal of Bait Khayrat Souf is to create a platform for local women to financially support themselves through economic development opportunities, such as domestic and international tourism. Bait Khayrat Souf specializes in delicious traditional food, making jams from local seasonal ingredients and brewing their secret blend of highly beneficial decaffeinated acorn coffee and medicinal herbs.

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Locally Owned Community Association
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Speaks: Arabic

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Community Association started in 2016| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Souf village is situated in Jerash governorate, north of Jordan, and is known for having an abundance of vegetables, fruits and herbs grown organically in the area. Bait Khayrat Souf's authentic and simple building of the association used to be a church in 1881.

Community Connection

The Association provides economic development opportunities for local women in the village of Souf, who are hired to provide services for visitors such as leading cooking experiences and providing meals. Other local women work on other products that are then sold in their showroom.


The women pride themselves in sharing authentic Jordanian culture with all guests and help to preserve traditions in cooking, handicrafts and more.


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