Café de Monteverde

in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Café de Monteverde is an association of 12 families working together to grow, process and roast the best quality coffee in the Monteverde Region. They strive for harmony with the surrounding cloud forest and work to educate visitors and conserve their sustainable way of life.

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Locally Owned Community Cooperative
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Community Cooperative started in 1989| Locally Owned

A Unique Story

Café de Monteverde was born in 1989 as an association of 12 families with deep roots in coffee, agriculture, conservation, and education. For over four generations, their families have worked to provide the best quality coffee in the Monteverde Region. Central to their mission has been educating visitors in environmental preservation. Life Monteverde was later organized in 2008 to better provide these educational opportunities and activities for local community members and visitors alike. Café de Monteverde is proud to promote both the coffee economy of its local farmers and simultaneously increase awareness about sustainability in day-to-day life.

Community Connection

Café de Monteverde works to collectively empower the 12 families it is comprised of and actively promote their local business. By unifying together, the organization has been able to give a voice to coffee farmers all across the region.

Environmental Engagement

  • Plants around 500 native tree species of the region annually to contribute to conservation of the local biodiversity
  • Entirety of the coffee drying exclusively uses solar energy
  • Biodigestor produced gas to allow for cooking
  • Maintains a minimum of 50% of land preserved as natural forest
  • Apply water saving strategies conserving over 20,000 liters annualy


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