Casa Colibri

in Ollantaytambo, Peru

An eco-lodge featuring ancestral Andean architectural design, offering a variety of daily activities: yoga, birdwatching, and organic kitchen workshops. Stay in this blend of comfort and tradition, enjoying your stay in the rural areas of Cusco. Use this as a base to explore the well known archaeological ruins and hiking routes!

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Community Connection

The residents of Peruvian less fortunate communities are skilled builders, and by using mud brick today they are conserving an ancestral tradition. The idea behind their Adobe design is to conserve Andean identity through their regional architecture.
Earth, molded into adobe bricks, constitutes an opportunity to design contemporary architecture imbued with the typical Andean character of the Sacred Valley; in this way, their architecture harmonizes with its surroundings to such a degree that it enriches the landscape in which it is set.

Environmental Engagement

Aiming to conserve the ecosystem surrounding Casa Colibrí Ecolodge, a number of environmental assets have been developed to reduce their environmental impact on the property.

  • The water used in the house’s showers and washbasins is collected and recycled for subsequent use in the gardens. This is made possible by the use of biodegradable cleaning material and other products.
  • They have solar panels to effectively save energy, and maximize the natural sun light to get power/energy.
  • As part of their policy to reduce the waste produced by the hotel, they have organized a composting system through which all the organic kitchen and garden waste is broken down.
  • When their guests arrive, they are offered a chance to learn about the environmental practices they have introduced, in an effort to make them more aware of conservation.


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