Casas Del Peru

in Mutliple Cities, Peru

This network of authentic and unique guesthouses in Peru identifies quality hosts who share experiences with guests that go beyond traditional tourism. They are committed to connecting travlers to stays where they can encounter a different life experience thanks to the local citizens who are willing to share their heritage.

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Cultural Immersion and Comfortable Stay


$25-50 /night
Average price for a stay in one of the Casas


City/Urban and Small Towns/Villages

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Locally Owned Social Enterprise
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Speaks: English, Spanish and French

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Social Enterprise started in 2015| Locally Owned

A Unique Story

Created and supported by Carlos Orihuela Gonzales, a specialist of tourism, he started Casas Del Peru as a quality label and brand that would help travelers connect to quality local hosts. The network is made of individuals, citizens who have a story to share. They believe that "Travelling, discovering a country is not only hikes throughout landscapes, no matter how beautiful and spectacular they can be, a country is also a culture, an intangible heritage. That intangible heritage can only be grasped through people themselves, through their own personal experience which opens onto this so particular, so rich and so diversified other world that is Peru. Such a discovery requires sharing and that sharing is above everything an encounter, sympathy, a common interest then eventually an activity achieved together."

Community Connection

Casas del Peru has a strong emphasis on fair trade, responsible tourism They help their network of hosts to market their guesthouses and ensure they receive a fair price for guests stays.


By connecting travelers to local citizens, Casas del Peru helps to share the intangible cultures of Peru and makes every trip a genuine opportunity for exhange and to gain mutual understanding among people from different parts of the globe.


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The office for Casas del Peru is in Arequipa, but the Casas are located throughout the country!
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