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Unwind in a carribean eco-resort, Casarta Retreat, located in Tobago. This hillside resort is surrounded by a rainforest and is right beside the beach, making this the perfect location for nature-lovers. Each suite is unique and reflects the surrounding landscape, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the environment.

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$126-358 /night


Rainforest, Quiet Area and Beach

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| Foreign Owned

A Unique Story

Sue and Steve fell in love with Castara when they were traveling through Tobago. During their second visit, they met Porridge who sold freshly caught red snappers on the beach with his friend Sherwin. After a few days of buying fish from Porridge and Sherwin, they quickly became friends. When Steve began to dream about creating a place that highlighted Castara's best aspects, Porridge told them of a piece of land that was being sold above the bay. Porridge took them to see the land and they bought it as soon as they saw the spectacular views that can still be enjoyed today.
Porridge and Sherwin asked if they could build the house and Steve and Sue gladly gave them and their team of local builders the job. This was the start of what would later become Castara Retreat.

Community Connection

About 40 people from the village, were employed to build Castara Retreat. They ensured that they only local labor, materials, and practices. In addition, Castara Retreat is managed by locals who also have established satellite services under Castara Retreats banner, such as airport transfers, laundry, bread making, and boat trips. They do not take a a commission for these services.
In 2015, over 30 village stakeholders came together to form Castara Tourist Development Association (CTDA), a non-profit organisation that works to protect the village’s local culture and natural environment. CTDA is now seen as an exemplar for community-led tourism.

Environmental Engagement

Castara Retreat has created composting areas used by both guests and the restaurant to dispose of vegetables and plant waste. The compost is then used in garden and the trees, which nurtures their growth and development. They have also planted many trees and shrubs around the lodge in order to maximize soil retention and avoid the risk of soil erosio and landslides.
In 2015, they constructed gray water soakaways to ensure that the beach, bay, and reefs are protected from the waste water that comes from the lodge. In addition, they have focused on limiting their electricity consumption and reducing their carbon footprint. They done this by using LED lighting, roof and wall insualtion, low-energy air conditioning systems, and invitations to guests to be mindful in their energy usage.
Lastly, they have spent 15 years creating a sanctuary for wildlife withing their gardens. The endangered agouti is now a common sight, along with iguana, and a nesting armadillo that was first spotted in 2016. Over 70 species of birds can be viewed from the lodges..




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