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Want to experience real local life in Jamaica? Countrystyle Community Experiences connects you direcly to villages around the country where you can experience the best of Jamaican hospitality. Learn to cook authentic food like the national dish - ackee and salt-fish with plantains and bammy, explore little-visited beaches and enjoy live entertainment from local bands -- all with community guides from the villages you visit.

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Cultural Immersion, Connect with Nature and Foodie Fun


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Small Towns/Villages

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Community Association started in 1978| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

The late Desmond Henry, a former Director of Tourism for Jamaica, and Diana McIntyre-Pike, daughter of pioneering Negril hotelier Ceceline McIntyre, worked together to create “new tourism,” a bottom-up tourism product. In 1978, they coined the name “Community Tourism” for their approach which, by stimulating cooperation and a sense of pride and value, encouraged communities to make use of local resources, become trained in new hospitality skills and generate local income.
The Countrystyle Community Tourism Network is internationally recognized for their work over three decades in pioneering community tourism. They have been the driving force behind the concept of community tourism in Jamaica and the Caribbean, helping travelers get a more authentic experience and ensuring local villages benefit from the tourism industry.

Community Connection

Countrystyle works closely with local communities to train them in the concpet of "Villages as Business" to show them how to design experiences that maximize benefits for locals, while preserving and celebrating the natural, heritage, cultural and human resources of potential interest to visitors. Villages then get a share of tour revenues, which multiply through the community, promote personal growth of those involved in guiding the tours and can lead to additional support from visitors who become engaged in local life, institutions and businesses.


Countrystyle is based in Mandeville and offers experiences in diverse communities throughout Jamaica.
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