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Join any of De Una Colombia Tours' adventures and discover Colombia's varied geographical extremes and rich diversity of flora and fauna. Colombia geography consists of coastlines on the Pacific and Altlantic Oceans, the desert of La Guajira which extens into the Caribbean, three Andean mountain ranges, the Amazon Rainforest, savannah, and islands. These tours also take you directly to Colombia's local communities, which gives you a first-hand experience of their passionate way of life and heritage.

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$70-1650 /person


Small Towns/Villages and City/Urban

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Tour Operator started in 2004| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

"De Una" is a Colombian expression that is best defined as "let's go" or "right now". In other words, you don't have to think very long to make a decision because it sounds exciting and fun, you won't hesitate to go. For this reason they chose to name their travel and tour agency De Una, since they provide such amazing tours you won't hesitate to book a tour with them!

Community Connection

When you book a tour with De Una Colombia Tours, 1% of their profits are used to support two small foundations; Club Deportivo and Foundation La Vecina. Club Deportive was founded in 2007 by Ed Veldhuisen and they provide disenfranchised children with the opportunity to participate in sports and cultural activities. Foundation La Vecina was founded in 2006 by Nathalie Rietman and they provide homeless children with shelter, education, food, and care.
In addtion, De Una Colombia Tours always makes an effort to employ local people and support social projects that provide communities with the tools they need to improve their quality of life. They also provide fair economic rewards to all third party services.

Environmental Engagement

In all of the tours offered by De Una, they are determined to share with you the importance and value of preserving both the culture and environment. They do this by prioritizing their partners that have met the established standards for sutainable tourism and promote Colombia's biodiverstiy throughout their agency. They also strive to decrease and optimize their usage of water, electricity, and paper.




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