Ecolodge Mancora

in Mancora, Peru

Nestled in the beach town of Mancora, stay at this ecolodge showcasing a combination of traditional and contemporary Peruvian design, as well as unique sustainable building techniques. Start your day off with a peaceful yoga class, eat an all-natural breakfast, get a massage, swim in their beautiful pool, and go out surfing with a local guide!

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Comfortable Stay, Time to Relax and Family Friendly


$90 /night
Approximate price for two travelers sharing a double room.


City/Urban and Beach

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Local/Foreign Owned Family Business
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Speaks: English and Spanish

Why Lokal Recommends Ecolodge Mancora


Family Business started in 2011| Local/Foreign Owned with 80% local staff

A Unique Story

Ecolodge Mancora was constructed using natural, recycled and local materials. They based their construction techniques off of local and traditional techniques before being modernized. Thus, the walls of the lodge are erected and coated with soil mixed with donkey droppings. In addition, their sustainable and social commitment is present through a close collaboration with local people to operate the Lodge, the activities, and their boutique.

Community Connection

In an effort to employ local people, 80% of Ecolodge Mancora's staff hired from their local and neighbouring communities. The lodge also assists the communities economy by employing local people for their activities, as well as purchasing all their food and products locally.

Environmental Engagement

The eco-lodge is a naturally constructed by using organic materials. In order to preserve the vegeation on the inside of the hotel, Ecolodge Mancora designed a unique structure to help complement the lush scenery of the property. Additionally, they make efforts to try to minimize their electricity consumption.


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