El Almejal Ecolodge

in Chocó, Colombia

For over 35 years, El Almejal has been providing guests with authentic and immersive experiences from their ocean side bungalows along the Pacific Coast of Colombia. As the only eco-lodge on the Pacific with its own nature reserve on property, El Almejal has dedicated itself to sustainabililty and conservation. Offering experiences ranging from bird watching, whale and dolphin tours, and excursions into the neighboring Utría National Park, El Almejal is a fantastic location for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

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Business started in 1982|

A Unique Story

El Almejal has been perfecting the art of authentic ecotourism in Colombia since 1982. They've made it their mission to provide guests with experiences in the natural wonders of the region and the diversity of local culture.
Today, El Almejal is recognized as one of the chief ecotourism leaders in Colombia, constantly searching for a balance between the rational use of natural resources and the development of an excellent travel experience. They practice a committed, ethical and responsible approach to conservation and sustainability. 

Community Connection

El Almejal has commited to giving back to the local El Valle community of Bahía Solano. Employing its guides directly from the residents of El Valle, the lodge invests in and empowers the local workforce while promoting the value of their culture. As El Almejal grows, the empowerment of its local residents grows along with it.

Environmental Engagement

El Almejal currently preserves around 80% of the Almejal Nature Reserve where they work to protect its incredibly diverse wildlife. In order to ensure the integrity of their mission, they have adopted the four pillars of ecotourism described by the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) designed in Costa Rica.
El Almejal has won the National Sustainable Tourism Award presented by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism of Colombia. They were also reviewed by the World Tourism Organization as one of the 65 best proposals in the world on good practices in sustainable development of ecotourism.


El Almejal highlights the cultural richness you'll experience while staying with them. From the natural beauty of the rainforest and ocean, to your daily interactions with local staff, you'll feel the tranquility of Colombia pervade through your experience. Exquisite dishes served to the table based on fresh fish, products of the region, as well as organic herbs and vegetables from their backyard garden will highlight your meals. El Almejal's seasoned chef Alicia has been preparing local specialty recipes for over 23 years and will be in charge of making sure your belly is filled with the authentic culture of Colombia.


El Almejal is located on the Pacific Coast of Colombia in a settlement of Bahía Solano called El Valle. You can find a flight from most major airports in Colombia that will bring you to Bahí Solano Airport in a couple hours. Another hour of ground transportation from the airport of Bahía Solano and you'll find yourself in the heart of El Valle!
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