El Cantil Ecolodge

in Chocó, Colombia

El Cantil has been delivering top quality relaxing get-away experiences to travelers for nearly 20 years. They are committed to developing a local enterprise within a sustainable framework, seeking improved economic and social conditions for their surrounding communities, working diligently in conservation, and protecting their cultural heritage. Offering both the envigorating life of the surrounding jungle and the peaceful pressence of its neighboring beach, the El Cantil eco-lodge is the ideal location for any traveler looking for an immersive experience in Colombian nature.

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A Unique Story

Immediately upon beginning their operations, El Cantil focused on fostering community growth through a variety of local initiatives and projects. By helping build and develop a higher quality of life, education and knowledge for their local community, they ensure no one needs to prey upon nature in order to survive. El Cantil prides itself on the ability to protect the environment by empowering locals. They have since established strong relationships in their communities and have continued to build them collectively in their purusuit of environmental sustainability and cultural conservation.

Community Connection

  • Campaign to eliminate the education gap: Every year El Cantil donates school supplies to students in local communites and works to improve school conditions and educational resources.
  • Eliminating the business gap: The lodge places value on knowledge and local traditions by training and facilitating community business with entrepreneurial tools.
  • Community surfing program: El Cantil trains and instills positive values in local young surfers, motivating kids by holding community meetings and showing them the benefits of healthy living. They additionally donate surf materials and hold at least two surf competitions a year.


To get to El Cantil, we recommend flying into Nuquí airport. From there, El Cantil staff will pick you up in one of their small speedboats and take you 30 minutes south to the lodge!
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