El Champal Lodge

in Cocachacra, Peru

Come visit El Champal Lodge, the first and only social impact hotel in Peru. The rooms in this lodge combine elegance with simplicity which reflect the natural beauty of the valley that can be seen from the large windows located in each room. You can also take part in a variety of activities offered at the lodge; from relaxing experiences like massages and manicures to more adventerous activities like archeological visits to Huarochiri. The tranquility found in El Champal makes it an ideal place to reconnect with nature, with yourself, with your partner, family, and friends.

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Comfortable Stay, Connect with Nature and Family Friendly


$45 /night
Approximate price for two people sharing a room



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Local/Foreign Owned Social Enterprise
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Why Lokal Recommends El Champal Lodge


Social Enterprise started in 2014| Local/Foreign Owned with 90% local staff

A Unique Story

Started by Peruvian and French entrepreneurs in November 2014, El Champal is a social impact enterprise, located in the district of Santa Cruz de Cocachacra, Peru. Through the hotel, they are able to finance multidiciplinary projects for the local community in the Valley of Rio Rimac in Huarochiri, Lima, Peru.

Community Connection

By staying at El Champal Lodge, you are helping to fund many of the social projects the lodge works with. A large portion of the hotel's profits go to these social projects that help the communities of Huarochiri. A group of volunteers help develop activities to help promote things like eco-agriculture, tourism, education, art and culture, etc. You can also help many of their causes by bringing ideas and experiences, volunteering in on of their projects, donating money or other items (books, toys, clothes, etc).

Environmental Engagement

El Champal Lodge works closely with two organizations, "El Valle del Rio Rimac Feliz" and "Vacas Felices", in their mission to help promote sustainability in their local communities. In addition to their many social projects, "El Valle del Rio Rimac" also focuses on eco-tourism, transitioning to organic products, eco-agriculture, protecting the environment and mitigating climate change. "Vacas Felices" is the first organic dairy industry in Peru. By improving short circuits, farmers are able to directly process their milk into cheese, yogurt, and butter in order to send their products to local markets. They have also formed partnerships with the farmers of Marachanca to supply El Champal's restaurant. In addition to the locally grown seasonal foods you can enjoy in El Champal's restaurant, the cook, Victor, is involved in the fight against food waste and has created a compost station.


Many of the services available at El Champal offer guests a chance to connect with the history and the traditions of Sierra of Lima




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