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Located in the heart of Cusco, El Mercado occupies the premises of a former market located only a couple of blocks from Cusco’s main Plaza de Armas--showing their combination of traditional and contemporary Peruvian style.

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A Unique Story

El Mercado is apart of the Mountain Lodges of Peru organization. Their core values revolve around the concept that sustainable tourism in Peru should be built around a model that empowers local communities, making them active investors in local development projects for the long-term benefit of all. Their organization believes in the power of preserving local traditions and the environment, while driving the Peruvian villages forward economically.
Mercado is the Spanish word for market, and El Mercado occupies the premises of a former market located only a couple of blocks from Cusco’s main Plaza de Armas. Formerly part of the old farmer’s market, El Mercado has been designed to incorporate some of the element of the market, both in its original decor, friendly casual atmosphere and innovative cuisine. With only 32 rooms, El Mercado provides the best of colonial and contemporary architecture, all the latest comforts and truly exceptional service. Just as the countryside’s best products are brought to a market, El Mercado brings the magic of the Apus—the spirits of the mountains—to the city.

Community Connection

In 2006 Mountain Lodges of Peru sponsored the creation of Yanapana Peru, a not-for-profit Civil Association dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. Yanapana is committed to improving the quality of life through sustainable community development, in an effort to reduce extreme poverty in the Andean Highlands. Main activities of the association include donations for the enhancement of nutrition and infrastructure at a local public school, funding and training for local entrepreneurs, which include jam and honey, handmade textiles and organic coffee production. Other supportive efforts are directed towards child sponsorship programs, as well as medical prevention, detection and treatment programs.

They are committed to creating social and economic value all around while maintaining and highlighting the unique traditions of Andean communities. A key strategy to this objective is to empower, train, and employ as many locals as possible in the communities in which they operate, enabling them as modern day travel industry professionals.

Environmental Engagement

According to Enrique Umber Jr, the general manager of Mountain Lodges of Peru, he says, "Sustainable tourism is based on identifying the resources that a given place presents to you. It means leveraging the value of these resources and exploring their full potential through generating commitment to the true value and their sustainability over time."

He adds, "Sustainability tourism is not just a philanthropic activity, but also a more tangible, short-term cycle. You are protecting the value of resources that provide you benefits in turn. It is measuring and balancing the impact of tourist activity in a certain area and making sure it’s in harmony and balance with the benefits of using the local resource."