El Socorro Rural Lodge

in San Miguel de Sarapiqui , Costa Rica

The Socorro Lodge is located in the heart of the mountains and proud to be a 100% family owned business dedicated to protecting and conserving a special natural area. The property is on a well-traveled Costa Rican bird route which makes for great birdwatching and in general being surrounded by hundreds of colorful feathered friends. At night it is spectacular to hear the dozens of different sounds offered by the nocturnal animals and the marvelous landscape illuminated by the stars.
José takes great pleasure in welcoming guests to his house where his wife María Isabel and two daughters Ana Isabel and María José have taken on the task of learning the art of rural community-based tourism to show their visitors how great it is to live respecting and caring for nature. Today they have 3 cabins and the family home. The cabins are equipped to house up to 4 people and the house is fully equipped with a kitchen and refrigerator and space for 8 persons.

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Cultural Immersion, Comfortable Stay, Connect with Nature, Off the Beaten Path and Time to Relax


$75 /person/night
Approximate price for 1 traveler staying in a cabin, including 3 meals per day and tours to explore the area.


Rural Communities and Quiet Area

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Family Business started in 2000| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

The family has been living on this ecological farm since 1957, on lands that José Miranda (the owner) inherited from his father Antonio Miranda in 1999.
In1950 the parents of Don José Miranda came to this community. In this beautiful place full of peace, love and surrounded by a rich natural setting, Don José and his six brothers were born, grew up and had their families.
By 2000, Don José and his wife María Isabel had decided to embark on a marvelous adventure: caring for the beautiful forest that saw them come into this world and work to protect it from hunters and poachers. They knew this challenge would test their limits but also aware that perseverance would eventually bear fruit. A few years later travelers began to arrive and were interested in seeing the home of the family that was protecting nature. This is how Don José and his wife suddenly became involved in the world of rural community tourism and began to have big dreams.

Community Connection

The project provides economic opportunities to the owners and local communities through tourism visitation. The 12 sites selected offer the best opportunities for bird watching and ecotourism in this region.

Environmental Engagement

Albergue el Socorro is one of 12 ecotourism sites that comprise the Costa Rican Bird Route. Costa Rica’s Bird Route is the first of its kind in Central America; it opened to ecotourists and birdwatchers in 2008. It is a project implemented by the Rain Forest Biodiversity Group (RBG) with funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS). The Bird Route promotes the conservation of green macaws and the biological diversity in the San Juan-La Selva Biological Corridor (SSBC). One of the project’s objectives is the creation of a network of private reserves that connect with existing reserves to form Costa Rica’s Bird Route.
The Bird Route contains the last remaining habitat of the green macaw (Ara ambigua), the second largest parrot in the world, and it provides the best possibility for observing this rare and endangered species of any place on the planet.


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