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Jump out from your chair to have the experience of a lifetime: untouched nature and sightseeing, unique cultural immersion with ancestral indigenous communities, real adventures and outdoor sports are just the start of what you will experience by traveling to Evoluzion's exclusive destinations throughout Chile.

Best of all, simply by traveling and having a blast, you will help local communities develop and take care of the stunning places you will be visiting. All of these experiences are perfect for those traveling on a budget.

Come and join them in their quest for changing the world by traveling for a better tomorrow!

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Cultural Immersion, Connect with Nature, Cultural Immersion and Active Adventure


Budget and Mid-range


Rural Communities and Small Towns/Villages

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Tour Operator started in 2013| Locally Owned

A Unique Story

Evoluzion Travel was founded in the city of Coquimbo, Chile in 2013 by 2 entrepreneurs and travelers that loved to give meaning to their journeys, all with the purpose of supporting and encouraging the development of local communities in Chile and Latin America, mainly through social projects and volunteerism.

However, they realized that voluntourism was not the best way to develop local communities because, instead of helping the locals, sometimes volunteers ended up crossing the line in terms of respect and the purpose ends up not being what was expected.

Nowadays, they continue working and traveling within their "Evoluzion Traveler Community", but with a different focus, where the traveler enjoys and learns about nature, adventure and different cultures in the way they interact with the environment and their sustainable approach of respecting and preserving this planet.

Community Connection

To ensure that tourism revenue goes directly to the guides and local entrepreneurs, Evoluzion partners directly with local governments and grassroots organizations. They have firsthand knowledge of local culture and can identify the local needs of each community. Each project is selected and co-designed with the community and Local NGOs and is supported through contact with Evoluzion travelers.


Their local guides live and breathe the places you will visit and know the destination like the palm of their hand. They will introduce you some of the most interesting people in the region, to experience each area's sense of community. At Evoluzion, they hand pick all of their guides to ensure the most authentic experience possible, and to provide amazing work opportunities to local youth.


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