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Adventures and Culture in Monteverde, Costa Rica

The Brenes farm has been through three generations and carries the tradition and culture of both their family and the history of the area. Familia Brenes Tours at Finca Modelo now offers a wide array of tours including canyoning, night tours, tree top climbs and rainforest hikes.

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Why Lokal Recommends Familia Brenes Tours at Finca Modelo


Family Business started in 2005| Locally Owned

A Unique Story

The Brenes family initally bought their farm back in 1951 and it has since been passed down through three generations. After starting with just one horse and cow along with a small plot of land with an old ramshackled house, the Brenes family has turned their farm into one of the best sustainable tourism destinations in Monteverde.

Their mission now is to share their amazing homeland and promote sustainable adventure tourism to everyone who visits Monteverde. Come visit Finca Modelo and see how the Brenes family is doing amazing work for both their tourism business and their surrounding environment and community.


Familia Brenes Tours works to protect and preserve the culture of three generations worth of Costa Rican history. After beginning a small school in La Cruz, Vicente Brenes layed the groundwork for the Brenes family pressence in the Monteverde region. The family has been a strong influence in a multitude of following developments in Monteverde and continues to promote their values of sustainable tourism and sharing the rich history in their culture.


Located in La Cruz, just 15 minutes from Santa Elena town in Monteverde