Gocta Natura

in Cocachimba, Peru

A family organization committed to the promotion of sustainable development in the Amazons Region in Peru - Gocta Nature Reserve offers stays in one of their five cabins to travelers who want to experience the nature of Chachapoyas and contribute to its conservation. Join them for a peaceful stay amidst the forest of their private reserve or choose to join in some of the activities to learn hands-on about their sustainability initiatives.

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Comfortable Stay, Connect with Nature and Foodie Fun


$145 /person/night
Approximate price for travelers sharing a double room. Includes 3 meals. Minimum stay of 2 nights.


Small Towns/Villages and Quiet Area

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Locally Owned Family Business
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Speaks: English and Spanish

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Family Business started in 2009| Locally Owned

A Unique Story

Six years ago, in October 2009, Rocio and her husband discovered a piece of paradise in north-oriental Peru: the district of Valera in the region of Amazonas. They returned two months later, bought some property and started building a life project in Cocachimba, the small town where they have now built their home and new life. The couple has become quite passionate about actively contributing to the recovery of the cloud forest and its biodiversity, and about supporting local families.

Community Connection

GNR is connected with the community through several projects, and affiliations with other groups looking to make a difference in the local areas. For example, they work with Tierra de Ninos, a group that established a methodology to develop environmental awareness and skills in children, who become agents of change in their communities. Similarly, they are involved with an organization called Guardabosques de Valera, a program targeted at high school students who have left their hometown for an education. This program developed by GNR seeks to prepare young local leaders to take action by protecting the cloud forest for generations to come.
Another initiative created by GNR is Weavers of Valera. It is an intensive capacity building program designed to prepare women weavers to produce high quality textiles and explore new markets. Nature becomes their source of learning; women explore nature for colors and dye their yarns with seeds, roots and leaves.

Environmental Engagement

GNR owns 12 hectares of secondary forest that will serve as a scientific ground for research and learning, for the monitoring of biodiversity over the years, and the reproduction of endemic species for reforestation. They've already planted over 10,000 trees! With their partners, they are providing a platform to make an inventory of biodiversity as a baseline and then monitor changes as they happen. They are reproducing endemic species for reforestation. This area will also provide basic camping infrastructure to welcome their visiting nature lovers tourists.
Gocta are promoting local economic solutions in agreement with the ecosystem. Among them: agroforestry; payment for forest maintenance; sustainable tourism and business development. They are continuously exploring efficient solutions that have worked elsewhere to be replicated.


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The cabins are located in a quiet nature reserve near the village of Cocachimba. They only accept reservations made in advance and host guests from April 1st to January 10th to skip the heavy rain season.
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