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in Multiple Cities, El Salvador

Green Blue Red is a Central America tour operator that provides meaningful and colorful  travel. Their main emphasis is to provide authentic travel experiences while at the same time support local communities with economic opportunities through tourism. You'll be able to witness the production process of indigo, a natural blue colorant, extracted from the xiquilite farm and learn how to dye your own scarf with art techniques taught by local artisans. If nature is more your thing, you can join a program where you learn about conservation efforts of the hawksbill sea turtle from local biologists as well as participate in activities benefiting the local NGO working to protect these sea turtles. Green Blue Red offers an array of these types of experiences so don't miss out!

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Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion, Connect with Nature and Off the Beaten Path




Rural Communities, Rainforest and Beach

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Tour Operator started in 2009| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

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Green Blue Red also hosts its own nonprofit called Share Smiles. Share Smiles was born to support and empower rural communities with tourism potential in Central America. Its goal is to help develop these communities through education, providing children with the necessary tools to complete high school; while at the same time, training them in tourism to take advantage of the economic opportunities of a growing industry in the region.


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