Hacienda Baru Lodge

in Dominical, Costa Rica

This unique lodge provides a comfortable home base to explore over 830 acres of protected area in the private Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge. You'll be steps away from amazing wildlfie and a variety of habitats, from wetlands and secondary rainforests in the lowlands to primary rainforest on the highland coastal ridge. You can go with local guides to hike, birdwatch, zipline and more. Or you can venture on your own to discover seven kilometers of beautiful walking trails, three kilometers of pristine beach. The lodge has a restaurant, pool and hammock area as well if you just need some time to relax. You are also only a few minutes outside of the charming town of Dominical and other beaches with great surfing opportunities.

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Active Adventure, Comfortable Stay, Off the Beaten Path and Time to Relax


$65-95 /night
Approximate price for a cabin or room at the lodge shared by 2 travelers.



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Foreign Owned Family Business
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Family Business | Foreign Owned with 80% local staff

A Unique Story

Hacienda Barú’s primary mission is to preserve its natural resources and educate visitors about its biological wealth. To support this goal, Hacienda Barú provides ecologically-oriented tours, adventures and tourist services. In carrying out this mission, Hacienda Barú will support scientific research and promote responsible community development.

Community Connection

Hacienda Barú management and employees are active in community affairs. They occupy leadership positions in local government, development associations, school boards, water associations, neighborhood security committes, and local environmental organizations. Additionally Hacienda Barú supports these community organizations with donations of cash and services.
Hacienda Barú has a policy of welcoming local school visits. Last year we received groups of students from 17 different elementary and secondary schools. At no cost to them, these groups receive a presentation about Hacienda Barú, its history, and the importance of protecting wildlife habitat. They go on a guided nature hike and visit the orchid garden and butterfly garden. During turtle season they visit the nursery. We try to coordinate the visits with the release of baby turtles. Those that wish to do canopy tours receive a special rate equal to one-third of the normal rate.

Environmental Engagement

Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge is an internationally known nature reserve with 345 hectares of protected area, including primary forest, secondary forest, selectively logged tropical wet forest, swamp forest, mangrove estuary, brush land, river bank and seashore. In addition, there are areas of silviculture (tree farming) with many different species of commercially viable timber, fruit orchards and pasture. This wide spectrum of habitats supports an equally large variety of wildlife. The reserve receives income with which to maintain and protect its natural treasure from only two sources: ecological tourism and tree farming.


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