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Offering a range of day trips in Amman, Rana Safadi is the founder of House of Culture - positioning herself to be a medium between travelers and the local women, artisans, and farmers of Jordan. Having studied literature, art, and tourism in Jordan, Australia, and France, she's based her work upon the concept of modernity in the Arab world, and seeks to translate that into the incredible tours she offers in Amman!

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Business started in 2018| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

Community Connection

All of Rana's programs seek to benefit cooperatives of people in Amman. She's involved with women societies, small businesses, and artisans through connecting travelers with experiences that offer pottery making, cooking, paper making, and food tasting.

Environmental Engagement

Through her tours in the villages, Rana is able to help farmers preserve their land through sustainable tourism.


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