InkaNatura is a tour operator in Peru who strive to achieve conservation of the Earth through tourism. In addition to conservation efforts, InkaNatura is active in their local communities and always working toward a better future for them. InkaNatura offers a variety of multi-day excursions to Manu and Tambopata, some of the most biodiverse areas in Peru. You will have the chance to hike amazing trails, see rare wildlife, and hear stories about the living jungle around you!

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Cultural Immersion, Connect with Nature and Off the Beaten Path


$820-2500 /person
Approximate prices for all-inclusive multi-day tours. Rates vary by specific tour chosen and number of days.


Mountains and Rainforest

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Tour Operator started in 1996| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

InkaNatura is owned by the Peruvian environmental nonprofit Peru Verde and is part of their overall strategy to protect the country's unique cultural and biological diversity. InkaNatura Travel contributes heavily to the maintenance of national parks, reserves, and archaeological sites while at the same time treating local people with respect and dignity.

Community Connection

Their lodges, located in Tambopata and Manu, employ members of the local and surrounding communities. A portion of the profit is paid to the local people to help support their families. In the town of Sandoval, 5 members of the community are partners of the Lodge, encouraging other members from these local areas to join the InkaNatura team!

Environmental Engagement

They are the only nonprofit group in Peru that owns for-profit travel agencies. All of the profits from their lodges are used entirely in conservation work.
InkaNatura manages several conservation projects to set the standard for responsible tourism in Peru. Their Macaw Conservation Project, for example, is helping fight against the deforestation that's occurred from the logging industry. Additionally, InkaNatura is helping educate the Chontachaca Community, instilling initiatives and awareness about sustainability to help them live a better life. Along with this and a few other projects, they have conservation areas where they work with the local communities to protect the flora and fauna.


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