Isla Suasi Ecolodge

in Lake Titicaca, Peru

For a peaceful, nature escape on Lake Titicaca, it doesn't get any better than Isla Suasi's 45-hectare private reserve along the northern shores. Built with adobe and thatched with native grass called ichu, the lodge reflects the natural resources of the area and provides a charming getaway. The main lodge is filled with lounges, terraces, gardens and 23 rooms, all with incredible views of the lake. Guests can relax in hammocks in the gardens, get a massage, go on island walks, or take kayaks out on the lake. A great, eco-friendly retreat.

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Comfortable Stay, Connect with Nature, Off the Beaten Path and Time to Relax


$215 /night
Approximate price for two travelers sharing a double room


Lake and Island

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A Unique Story

Isla Suasi is the only private island in Peru's Lake Titicaca. Located 4 hours by boat from the city of Puno, Isla Suasi is a special destination to enjoy nature and the local cultures.

Environmental Engagement

Isla Suasi sits on 45 hectares of land, and used traditional, local materials in construction of their lodge. The ecolodge is one of the most environmentally forward-thinking accommodations in Lake Titicaca, completely powered by solar energy. It is first and foremost an ecological haven focused on preserving the flora and fauna native to the region. Through extensive preservation efforts, it has become a nature-enthusiast’s dream.


Isla Suasi features a unique Culture Shack on their property. It includes a library and interpretation center, where you can discover more about the lake and the plateau of the Collao: its geological formation, singularity and fragility of the ecosystem, the greatness of its cultures, and its people.


The lodge runs daily boat departures from Puno to reach Isla Suasi. On the route you'll make two stops to visit communities living on the lake. First, Isla Uros, where you'll meet the descendants of an ethnic group whose roots and history are unique; Second, Isla Taquile, where you'll be offered a brief introduction into daily life on the island. The boat schedule is typically: - Depart Puno 07:00, Arrival to Isla Suasi 12:30 approx. - Depart Suasi 12:45, Arrival in Puno 15:30 approx.
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