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Kantu Peru Tours offers amazing travel experiences that connect you with local people, making stops and visits where you can be in touch with Peru's beautiful culture. They invite you to have a different kind of experience in Peru.

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Locally Owned Family Business
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Speaks: Spanish and English

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Family Business started in 2015| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Kantu Peru Tours is a family initiative that was founded in early 2014 through the creation of a textile center in the district of Chinchero in Cusco, Peru. Their first objective was to have a space for the families in their community to exhibit the fine, artistic beauty of Andean weavings. This became a center where anyone could come to learn about the techniques, processes, and materials of this handmade art form - straight from the weavers. This sparked the creation of Kantu Peru Tours, and their commitment to celebrating Andean culture.

Community Connection

All of their tours are run by local guides, local drivers, and include visits to local communities. Additionally, Kantu Peru Tours have a social project - Kantu Weaving Center, in Chinchero - a group of people from many local communities that display the processes to make traditional textiles. These are the same processes and techniques their Incan descendants used!

Environmental Engagement

They follow leave no trace policies and completed their Rainforest Alliance certification as a sustainable tour operator.


All of Kantu Peru's Tour guides are 100% local people with a good level of english. They also speak Quechua, so that they can share better translations and create more direct communication between guests and Andean communities.


Full Application Review and Sustainable Tourism Award/Certification


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