La Iguana Chocolate Company and Lodge

in Mastatal, Costa Rica

La Iguana Chocolate is a Costa Rican owned, fully organic chocolate farm in the quaint village of Mastatal. Run by the Garcia family, La Iguana has been growing cacao for three generations. The family now shares their love of chocolate by providing immersive and educational tours throughout their family farm and offering rustic stays in their treehouse bungalows.

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Cultural Immersion, Comfortable Stay and Foodie Fun


$25 /person
Approximate price for 1/2 day Chocolate Tour. Stay at the lodge starts from $40/night for double room.


Small Towns/Villages, Rainforest and Quiet Area

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Locally Owned Family Business
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Speaks: English and Spanish

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Family Business started in 2004| Locally Owned with 95% local staff

A Unique Story

Three generations of the Garcia family have worked the La Iguana Chocolate farm, building up the cacao, fruit and vegetable orchards that they rely on today. Juan Luis, Lidia and their eldest son Jorge have been farming and sharing the fruits of their labor for almost their entire their lives.
After witnessing the introduction and use of damaging pesticides across their region, the Garcias made a commitment to a fully organic farm. They now practice only the most sustainable and organic farming methods in order to preserve their way of life and offer the best quality produce from their farm.

Community Connection

La Iguana provides both direct and indirect local employment, sourcing their ingredients and produce from neighbours as well as providing stable jobs to several people beyond their immediate family. As business grows so do the income opportunities for the communities that surround them.
The Garcia's chocolate company has formed tight knit connections with their surrounding community and is a leading pressence in advocating for increased sustainablity and ecotourism practices around Mastatal.

Environmental Engagement

For the past 10 years La Iguana has been intensively reforesting their land, foucsing on increasing biodiversity, providing safe habitats and protecting watersheds. In this way the farm serves as an example to both locals and visitors alike on the alternatives to conventional agriculture in the tropics.
The cacao orchard is fully organic and maintained entirely by hand, all pruning, mulching, disease management and harvesting is done by the family with the help of volunteers.
Protecting a total of 30; six of which make up the cacao orchard of around 3500 trees. The remainder produces a wide range of fruits, vegetables and tropical hardwoods, such as avocados, squash, beans, bananas, plantains, oranges, lemons, starfruit, jackfruit, cashews, teak, tropical cedar, melina, cristoba and guanacaste.


Through farming this land for over 3 generations, the Garcia family has made it a priority to preserve the strong traditions and history of both their family and the region. As parts of the surrounding area have fallen victim to pesticides and harmful tourism practices, La Iguana remains a steadfast company demonstrating the power of conservation and environmental sustainability.


La Iguana is nestled in small village of Mastatal in the rugged jungle foothills of La Cangreja National Park within Puriscal County of the Central Pacific Region
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