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Whether you want to trek across the Cordillera Real with llamas or go on a night hike through the depths of the Amazon forests, La Paz on Foot can connect you with fantastic, unforgettable experiences throughout the city of La Paz and the Central Andes in Bolivia. They work closely with local communities, such as campesinos and indigenous people, in order to provide travelers with community-based tours that support sustainable development and ecological conservation.

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Cultural Immersion, Active Adventure, Connect with Nature, Historical Sites and Off the Beaten Path


$20-545 /person


Mountains, City/Urban and Rural Communities

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Speaks: English and Spanish

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Tour Operator started in 2004|

A Unique Story

La Paz on Foot was founded by Stephen Taranto and Tomas Sivila in 2004. As they have grown over the years, they have become a diverse group of people who are fascinated by the natural and cultural history of the Central Andes. They are convinced that responsible travel can contribute to the sustainable development of the complex region found in Bolivia.

Community Connection

La Paz on Foot works with many Community-based tour initiatives throughout the region. They work closely with communities, restaurants, hotels, drivers, and other links in the chains of an emergent network of responsible adventure travel operators in the region. They also work closely and respectfully with local campesinos and indigenous communities in the highland and the lowlands of the Central Andes.




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