Libertad Jungle Lodge

in Libertad, Peru

Located deep in the Peruvian Amazon, the Libertad Jungle Lodge is a 100% community-run business that offers rustic, off-the-beaten path accomodation, boat tours, unique camping adventures and the opportunity to connect with local village life. After making the journey into the jungle, travelers are free to choose whatever activities they would like and a dedicated guide will help make it happen. All the food and activities are included and the proceeds directly beneift the Libertad community. With only three hours of electricity per day, you can relax and enjoy the serenity of being alone with nature. Or you can head out on day-long hikes, canoe in nearby waters or camp overnight in the rainforest to observe the rare wildlife that surrounds! There's plenty of variety to fulfill the needs of any nature enthusiast or adventurer.

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Connect with Nature, Off the Beaten Path and Comfortable Stay


$270-410 /person
Approximate price for a 3D/2N stay at the lodge with food, accommodation, personal guide/boatman, and all activities included. Rates vary by number of people in your group.



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Locally Owned Community Project
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Community Project started in 2000| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

The center of the project is the village of Libertad. There, Manuel, one of the village figureheads, is the man pushing with all his energy behind this project, coordinating everything that revolves around it, from infrastructure matters to the  hosting of visitors, and everything that this implies! He has lived in Libertad for his whole life and lives there now with his wife and the younger of their 10 kids.
The booking and liaison person who will help schedule your adventure is Oli. Based in Belgium, Oli met the owner Manuel back in 2000 when he took a trip to the Jungle Lodge. After falling in love with the lodge and the area, Oliver continues to support Manuel through all of these years by managing the website and encouraging travelers to visit the beauty of the Iquitos region!

Community Connection

Libertad is 100% community managed and self funded. It is managed by a team of 12 villagers (partners), all of them working actively for the lodge. The vast majority of the income generated stays in the lodge and with the people operating it. A small portion of the income is allocated to covering food, fuel, and transportation costs. The lodge profits also help to fund community projects. The fact that the team is mostly made up of "partners" ("socios" in Spanish) is also your best guarantee for a motivated staff! The team is highly committed and does its best at making you truly happy about your stay. It can be estimated that Libertad Jungle Lodge project greatly helps to raise the standards of living of some 15 families.


Libertad Jungle Lodge is located alongside the small community of Libertad located in the Peruvian part of the Amazon basin, some 150kms (100 miles) south west of Iquitos. Access is by road (Iquitos to Nauta, 2 hours) and then boat (Nauta to Libertad, 1 to 2 hours).
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