Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

Connect with nature and disconnect from the digital world at this sustainable lodge nestled in the stunning Codillera Blanca mountains! Their unrivaled location, situated in the Huascaran National Park, gives travelers the freedom to enjoy the daily, and multi-day treks offered. You can also take a swim in the mountain's nearby lake (if you don't mind the chilly water!), stroll around the property, and eat a great meal at their restaurant.

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Comfortable Stay, Family Friendly and Time to Relax


$158-259 /night
Approximate price for 2 travelers sharing a room and staying for at least 2 nights. Rates vary by season and number of nights stay.



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Foreign Owned Family Business
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Speaks: English and Spanish

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Family Business started in 2005| Foreign Owned with 80% local staff

A Unique Story

LML, or Llanganuco Mountain Lodge, began with the aim of making trekking in the Huascaran National Park more accessible and enjoyable. Their intention is to provide a more authentic, free trekking experience, without the structure and restrictions of mainstream tour groups. Their owner, Charlie Good, is connected with the local community and has made Llanganuco his home.

Community Connection

The owner of Llanganuco Mountain Lodge, Charlie Good, has a deep connection the local, indigenous community. Charlie is the first 'outsider' to become an integrated member of their community, and he is actively fighting on their behalf for social and economic justice.

Environmental Engagement

Llanganuco Mountain Lodge is located in an extremely rural, mountainous area. With that being said, their sustainability efforts go above and beyond. The lodge is 100% off-the-grid; featuring it's own solar, water, and sewage systems. Their electricitiy grid is not connected to the Peruvian National Grid--setting the premier standard for using renewable energy. Additionally, the lodge has installed its own water infrastructure, eliminating the waste from plastic bottles, and providing fresh water for their guests.


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