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in Kadavu Island, Fiji

Matava offers a unique blend of eco lodges and luxury - all set against the brilliantly contrasting backdrops of sun-soaked beaches sand rocky shores, crystal clear water and pristine, untouched wilderness, full of friendly local communities. It is the ultimate environmentally friendly island getaway in the South Pacific - your own piece of Paradise in Fiji. Explore the Great Astrolabe Reef on the resort's private expedition boats, feast on gourmet meals with superb wines to match, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of this tranquil and stunningly beautiful location.

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Business started in 1996| Local/Foreign Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Matava has won many awards for their responsible tourism policies; such as Silver in the Best for Local Sourcing category at the World Responsible Toursim Awards, the AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Award in the category "Sustainability" as a result of their policies on sustainability and the environment, and the first in the Asia Pacific region to receive the PADI Green Star award for their sustainable and eco-conscious environmental activites and business practices.

Community Connection

Matava's dedication to Responsible Tourism is the driving force behind their Environmental Policy and their initiatives that support the local community. They strive to spread the financial benefits amongst local people and operators by providing employment and leadership opportunities for local people. In addition to buying locally, they also encourage travelers to buy local crafts and support local skills, but never to buy products that exploit wildlife or harm the environment. Matava works to limit the negative impacts on the daily lifestyles of local people not involved with Matava adventures and respect their local customs and culture. They are also committed to giving back to the communities and regions they visit by supporting many school, aid, development, and conservation projects in these areas.

Environmental Engagement

It is the resort's policiy to minimize their impact on the environment and to promote and support ecologically sound conservation measures in their community. They do this by doing tours in smaller groups so that they can minimize their carbon footprint. They also use solar panels to power all lighting in the Oceanview accomodation, the main bure, and the resort office. Their solar panels also heat up the water that is used in the resort. The new Oceanview bures that they are building, are all being equiped with solar energy systems.
Matava Eco lodge also mimizes the need to import vegetables with associated transportation carbon emissions by maintaining a large organic garden in the resort grounds. In addition, they supply local village farmers with seeds and then purchase the fruit and vegetables from them. Their food waste is used to feed local pigs and they compost as much waste as possible for their organic farm.
They have also left areas of land around the resort uncultivated to encourage the growth of native wild flowers and ferns. Part of the resort's shore is naturally a mangrove shoreline and has been left untouched. Mangroves prevent erosion and provide santuary to juvenile fish.




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