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Explore the Sacred Valley, Machu Pichhu and beyond with this 100% Cusco-based company whose first objective is to conserve the Inca culture and to assist in the effort of preserving the planet. With an entire team of native and local staff they provide unique insight into the history of the places you'll vist and each guide shares their personal passion for connecting you to their hertiage. Whether it's the classic Inca Trail, an alternative trek like the Lares or Salkantay routes or a journey by train - their expert team will help you have a truly memorable experience. They can also help you arrange day trips to many of the Inca sites around Cusco or 1-day hikes to places like the Rainbow Mountain.

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Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion, Connect with Nature and Off the Beaten Path


$120-760 /person
Approximate prices - rates range from one-day tour to Maras Moray or Rainbow Mountain to 4 Day Inca Trail or Salkantay trek.


Small Towns/Villages and Mountains

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Tour Operator | Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Quechuas Expeditions is a travel agency in Cusco started by natives and locals - Wayra and Wistman. They know the Inca trails like the backs of their hands and are passionate about protecting these natural and most treasured resources. They hope to lead by example, by providing you with excellent service while simultaneously conserving and respecting the surrounding natural resources and people.
They support a large number of responsible and ethical initiatives such as community tourism, environmental projects, and educational programs in different communities.

Community Connection

Quechuas Expeiditions is an entirely local team and they are dedicated to treating all of their staff fairly - especially the Chaskis Quechuas (the Inca Trail Porters) who they consider to be the unsung heroes of the Inka trail. They pay their staff fair wages and work to prevent the exploitation of these workers, especially the porters, who have unfortunately been treated very badly by some agencies in the past.
The company also donates 5% of their profits directly to the Quechuas communities where their inca trail porters live in Canacchimpa and Huarocondo. They also bring second-hand clothing, toys, books, notebooks and other items to the community as needed.

Environmental Engagement

Quechuas Expeditions aim to be as sustainable as possible, and be a leader in conservation throughout the tourism industry. They properly dispose of all waste that they produce, as well as responsibly recycle. In an effort to keep things natural, their organization only uses biodegradable and clean products. Additionally, they avoid gas emissions, damage to the environment, and pollution. They have implemented a few special programs to conserve water and electricity. Quechua's staff is constantly being trained on quality and sustainability, setting an example for the travelers that come through. Quechuas Expeditions promotes sustainability, and the country of Peru, amongst its clients, wholesalers, and suppliers.


Quechuas Expeditions celebrates the rich local history and heritage of the Sacred Valley and encourages guests to visit local communities and businesses as part of their travel. Their entire team are locals, many from the villages surrounding Cusco, who have deep personal connections to the region. This ensures that travelers get a more authentic expereince and communities get direct benefits from visitors.


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Quechuas Expeditions is based in Cusco and focuses primarily on offering experiences throughout the Sacred Valley. However, after many years in business they can also help plan trips to areas throughout Peru.
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