Quinta Oasis

in Salango, Ecuador

Quinta Oasis is an intimate property sitting high on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Province of Manabí, known for its white sand beaches, water sports, natural parks and seafood cuisine.  They are minutes away from the fishermen's village of Puerto Lopez, the surfing and nightlife of Montañita, the archeological site and healing waters of Agua Blanca and the whale watching expeditions and Galapagos-like island of Isla de la Plata.

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Comfortable Stay, Time to Relax and Cultural Immersion


$60 /night
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Local/Foreign Owned Business
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Speaks: Spanish and English

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Business started in 2017| Local/Foreign Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

They are a private quinta open to travelers, adventurers and seekers. They host individuals and groups who want an authentic Ecuadorian experience, comfortable accommodations and a tranquil and relaxing environment to relax and renew. They are not a hotel, hostería or resort. Their unique approach to hospitality is based on the Ecuadorian concept of Convivencia; to be in community with people, culture and nature.

Community Connection

Quinta Oasis have a community program that supports their local community. They have donated to local schools, installed potable water (pipes) on their street that previously only used water tanks and burros to get water. They donated to the 2016 earthquake relief funds and financially supported a few local families to rebuild. They have offered medical assistance in times of crisis. They have a community fund that takes donations (as in the earthquake situation) that are used locally. Quinta Oasis built using only local artisans (their neighbors) and local materials and products (from their neighbors). They partnered with Proturisco to offer community tourism (no bus tours etc) where all tour fees go back into those communities supporting hundreds of families and teaching them the science and art of tourism.

Environmental Engagement

They have planted numerous fruit trees and will be planting organic gardens to provide their own food and to use any excess for their neighbors. Their trees provide havens for several species of birds and animals. Wildlife is found in the surrounding mountains and they enjoy sharing it with guests that have an appreciation for nature. Quinta Oasis uses rain water for watering their gardens and teach guests how to conserve water and electricity. They have an extra large cistern so if/when drought occurs there will be enough water for their neighbors.


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