Rancho Verde Lodge

in Rancho Quemado, Costa Rica

A small family-run lodge with several small cabins and private rooms in a pleasant garden setting. You'll be welcomed with open arms by the Ureña family who will be happy to prepare you delicious home-cooked meals and connect you to many of the local activities in their community of Rancho Quemado.

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Connect with Nature, Family Friendly and Comfortable Stay


$25 /night
Approximate price for two travelers staying in a double room. Meals not included.


Rural Communities, Rainforest and Quiet Area

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Locally Owned Family Business
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Speaks: Spanish

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Family Business | Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

The Ureña family are long-time residents of the area and key members of the local Rancho Quemado community association - a collection of local residents and families working together to sustain their livelihoods and promote conservation of the environment through tourism.


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