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Royal Private Safaris separates itself from mainstream experiences through the extensive knowledge of their guides. With conservation education and providing an incredible wildlife experience as their primary goal, they've created a variety of multi-day safaris, and tailor-made excursions into the wild!

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Locally Owned Social Enterprise
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Why Lokal Recommends Royal Private Safaris


Social Enterprise started in 2016| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

Community Connection

Royal Private Safari's are extremely connected to their local communities. They donate 15% of every safari sold to a non-profit organizations that support economic empowerment of women and youth. Additionally, they have established High School Scholarships for brights students that come from a lower-income background. Currently, they have 24 fully sponsored students in their program! On top of that, Royal Private Safaris have worked with key stakeholders to educate their communities in conservation.

Environmental Engagement

Royal Private Safaris takes pride in the knowledge their professionally trained guides hold, and their ability to translate that into their work. They adhere to a carefully crafted model of experiential ecotourism, and ancho all of their safaris and tours with a unique conservation philosophy - preserving culture and wildlife. Their conservation methods range from sustainable water sourcing to renewable energy sources!


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