Sapana Village Lodge

in Chitwan, Nepal

Located at the edge of the Chitwan National Park, immerse yourself in the Nepalese jungle & culture at the Sapana Village Lodge. With high comfort and traditional Tharu decorations designed by local people, the lodge is a great base camp to explore the areas of rural Nepal.

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Why Lokal Recommends Sapana Village Lodge


Community Project started in 2005| Locally Owned with 90% local staff

A Unique Story

The owner, Dhruba Giri, started out as a waiter at 12 years old. With a passion for tourism, Dhruba connected with some foreign friends who helped him start his first hotel. After a few years of success, Sapana Lodge was created in 2005.

Community Connection

The owners of Sapana Lodge have identified education as an area that needs to be improved in their area. They've launched a school to educate students by 21st century standards. Their intent is to help contribute to a new generation of creative students who deserve a quality education.
Additionally, Sapana Lodge established a non-profit organization, Sapana Village Social Impact, to reduce poverty & contribute to other social works.

Environmental Engagement

As the Chitwan National Park provides jobs for many Nepalese in the area, Sapana Lodge have made efforts to educate children about the concepts of conservation and sustainability. Additionally, the lodge helps combat recycling, clean rivers & forests, and believes in animal rights.


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