Sapmi Nature Camp

in Gallivare, Sweden

Sápmi Nature Camp is a newly opened, high-end, sustainable and small-scale camp that offers high quality, close to nature accommodation on the border of Laponia World Heritage Area, outside Gällivare, Sweden.
With views of the Northern Lights, the camp consists of newly built ‘double’ rooms in the form of lavvu tents (that looks like a tepee). They're furnished with comfortable double beds, stoves and cozy furnishings inspired by nature and the Sami culture.

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Off the Beaten Path, Luxury Accommodation and Connect with Nature


$507 /person/night


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A Unique Story

Sápmi Nature is owned and operated by Lennart Pittja from the Unna Tjerusj Sami community in Gällivare. Lennart has been working with Sami tourism for more than 20 years – both as an entrepreneur and a frontrunner in development of Sami tourism. Lennart has many awards from his former company Vägvisaren-samiska upplevelser/Pathfinderlapland and now Lennart takes the next step by developing and launching Sápmi Nature.

Environmental Engagement

Sápmi Nature Camp is operated by Lennart Pittja who grew up in a reindeer herding family here in Unna Tjerusj Sami community. This is grazing land that has been used by Unna Tjerusj for thousands of years. Sápmi Nature is committed to responsible tourism that does not threaten the reindeer and the herding here, but instead they want to share our knowledge about Sami life – both past and present.
Sápmi Nature stands for a tourism that is in small-scale, considerate and informative. Lennart wants Sápmi Nature to be an example of how sustainability can be achieved without depleting natural resources and causing disruption of life in the north.


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