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in Battambang, Cambodia

Travel by bicycle with local guides along Battambang’s shaded routes lined with banana palms, fruit orchards, and traditional wooden houses, taking breaks to visit with Cambodian families who produce traditional products. You’ll meander along the river to see (and taste!) rice paper, dried bananas, bamboo sticky rice, and rice wine made in the same way for generations. You’ll get to explore what it means to be a Buddhist monk and immerse yourself in a Cambodian fishing village. And you’ll learn first-hand about everyday life in rural communities which make up over 70% of Cambodia’s population.

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Small Towns/Villages and Rural Communities

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Local/Foreign Owned Social Enterprise
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Speaks: English and Khmer

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Social Enterprise started in 2010| Local/Foreign Owned with 85% local staff

A Unique Story

Soksabike is a social enterprise whose responsible tourism manifesto includes work in community outreach, youth professional development, environmental preservation, and educational tourism.

Community Connection

Soksabike provides local university students vocational training by employing them as tour guides. All the tour guides and our Operations Manager are local university students who study part time and work part time for Soksabike. They provide scholarship to staff for their university studies or foreign language studies.

The tours also support the broader Battambang community by visiting local cottage industry and sharing tour proceeds back with all families who share their time with guests.

Environmental Engagement

Tours all take place on a bicycle, which is carbon-emission free :o)

Soksabike also gives re-usable plastic water bottles to the guests at the start of the tour in order to reduce plastic waste and uses bio degradable degreaser when cleaning bikes

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