Somoto Canyon Tours

in Somoto, Nicaragua

Adventure into the beautiful Somoto Canyon protected area with an Association of local guides. You'll swim, jump from rocks, hike and explore this natural wonder and unique insight into the nearby community. You can stay overnight in one of the cabins for an even more enriching experience.

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Connect with Nature, Active Adventure, Off the Beaten Path and Cultural Immersion


$25-30 /person
For 4 or 6 hour adventure tours of the canyon


Rural Communities

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Locally Owned Tour Operator
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Speaks: Spanish and English

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Tour Operator started in 2008| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

From the opportunities created in 2004 when the canyon was "discovered" and 2006 when the Nicaraguan Government made it a Protected Area a group of locals created an independent informal association of guides to ensure that the small communities surrounding Somoto Canyon would benefit. From these beginnings Somoto Canyon Tours started in 2008 to develop an enterprise to assist those who live within a few kilometres of this National Monument.

Community Connection

With the particular aim of working with a group of young people in the local communities surrounding the canyon we set about the training and development of local guides to provide them with regular employment above and beyond the subsistence farming many rely on to support their families.


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