Ta Lai Longhouse

Experience a jungle adventure in one of Vietnam's largest national parks by staying in a traditional bamboo lodge located on the edge of Cat Tien National Park. Pitched on the top of a hill, it is immersed in breathtaking surroundings and the culture of the local Ma and S'Tieng people. Choose from a wide variety of activities and leave knowing that you have directly contributed to the local community.

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Cultural Immersion, Active Adventure, Connect with Nature, Off the Beaten Path and Cultural Immersion


$20-25 /night
Approximate price. Beds are all within the shared space of the traditional longhouse.


Rural Communities and Rainforest

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Local/Foreign Owned Community Project
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Speaks: Vietnamese and English

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Community Project started in 2012| Local/Foreign Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Ta Lai Longhouse is a project established to support and improve the livelihood of the local communities, while raising awareness for environment respect and preservation. By creating jobs directly and indirectly for local people, Ta Lai Longhouse has proven that by preserving nature and culture, locals can have more stable income than collecting forest products, which contributes to over-exploitation of the forest and its natural resources.

Community Connection

Every stay at the longhouse contributes to a Community Development Fund (CDF). A few examples of what this fund is used for include loans for local families with 0% interest to raise livestock and poultry; public facilities such as trash bins, trees, trash collecting services; reinvestment in tourism activities such as management cost for the Collaborative Group; and renovation for the longhouse.

The Longhouse also creates job opportunities locally by employing 10 permanent staff members from the Ta Lai commune to run daily tasks of the business such as cooking, security, tour guiding, maintenance and more. In addition to monthly payments and compulsory insurance, the staff is also covered with extra healthcare and work accident insurance.

Environmental Engagement

The project was started by the World Wildlife Fund and local community to raise awareness of nature conservation in Cat Tien National Park.


The architecture of the longhouse was designed with respect to the traditional features, and all materials were locally procured. Community elders were consulted on the design and construction of the longhouse to ensure it remained faithful to their local traditions while meeting the standards and needs of visiting tourists.


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