Terra Viva

in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Terra Viva Lodge works to provide visitors an authentic look into Costa Rican living and promote values of sustainability and conservation. Across an expansive 300 acre property, visitors can expect to encounter incredible wildlife across numerous hiking trails, a sustainable and organic dairy farm, horseback riding adventures and a peaceful lodge to return to each night after an exciting and adventurous day.

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Active Adventure, Comfortable Stay, Connect with Nature, Family Friendly and Time to Relax


$50 /night
Approximate price for two travelers sharing a private room. Casitas (for up to 4 people) start from $90/night.


Rainforest and Quiet Area

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A Unique Story

Terra Viva founder Federico Muñoz is a renowned Costa Rican biologist and ecotourism pioneer. Over more than 24 years he has served as an expedition leader to different locations throughout Latin America to help grow his passion for conservation and sustainability
Federico founded Terra Viva with the goal of combining protection of the Cloud Forest and environmental education. In their 150 acres of private reserve, Terra Viva demostrates by example the lessons they teach to visitors in promoting change and cutting-edge dairy operation with innovative, healthy and environmentally friendly practices.

Community Connection

Terra Viva is a member of Cooperativa Dos Pinos, a cooperative founded by 25 Costa Rican dairy farmers working together to protect and promote their rights and products.

The lodge also serves as an educational resource to the surrounding community providing hands-on experience regarding all aspects of cheese making and the processes to reach environmental sustainability.

Environmental Engagement

Finca Terra Viva is a leading farm in the Monteverde area for its orientation of Carbon Neutrality.
They work in 3 major areas to reach this goal

  • Reducing the the use of pesticides, herbacides, and bacterian inhibitors, focusing on prevention
  • Using all the manure as organic fertilizer
  • Saving land for natural reforestation which increases the carbon fixation


Terra Viva is on the quiet side of Monteverde and neighbors the Santa Elena Reserve.
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