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Lodging and Adventures in Rancho Quemado, Costa Rica

From canoe trips into their private lagoon to swimming holes and treks through primary rainforest, the Villalobos family offer several ways to experience their 500 hectares of prime rainforest and home community of Rancho Quemado!

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Swimming, Wildlife Viewing, Hiking, Canoeing, Birdwatching and Waterfalls


Off the Beaten Path, Connect with Nature, Active Adventure and Cultural Immersion




Rainforest and Rural Communities

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Locally Owned Family Business
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Family Business | Locally Owned

A Unique Story

Johnson, Carlos, and Mayra Villalobos are three of the dynamic, engaging characters of the award-winning documentary 2.5% - The Osa Peninsula about the impacts of tourism development on local communities in Costa Rica.

Johnson is famously quoted in the film saying, "I used to hunt every animal in the forest, and cut down trees, this is how I made a living all my life. But I don't want to do that any more. My vision for our land has become tourism because I want to preserve what we have. I want to preserve the animals and the our forest, I hope we can do a good job of making this a reality."
(Translated from Spanish)

'2.5% - The Osa Peninsula' is an anthropological investigation as much as it is a nature documentary. It explores Osa’s stunning natural beauty, and gives voice to the people that inhabit it. The film follows Xiña, a single mother who mines gold for a living, and introduces Johnson and his brother Carlos, ex-hunters who now lead wildlife treks on their rainforest property. Xiña, Johnson and Carlos are three of many Osa residents who are interested in creating a “rural tourism product” where local families provide travel experiences that shape and protect their communities and natural resources. This new tourism model provides an opportunity for economic development, incentivizes local landowner retention, and provides travelers with an unforgettable experience . It is, in the words of many Costa Rican experts, a great strategy for conservation, and in the words of many Osa locals, the desired model for future tourism development.

The Villalobos family's hard work and dedication has lead to the Lokal team approving them as one of our featured experiences.

Environmental Engagement

The Villalobos family used to make their living from hunting and agriculture that damaged the fragile environment around them. Now they are preserving over 1,000 acres of rainforest to share it with travelers!


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