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321 Colombia offers tours in Bogotá that highlight the gastronomical diversity of Colombia and that emphasize cross cultural exchange between visitors and local farmers. They are firm believers that tourism is a tool for peace and a way for sustainable development in Colombia and beyond.
By taking part in their tours, you will be supporting their goal to make Colombia a better place through developing opportunities that create jobs and boost the livelihoods of those involved in agriculture in Colombia.

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Foodie Fun and Cultural Immersion


$60 /person
Approximate price for joining a unique local food experience.



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Tour Operator started in 2017| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

María José Caro, also known as Majo, believes that travel can foster world peace by giving you the opportunity to be a part of a global community. As a university student, Majo studied finances, government and international relations and received several scholarships to study abroad in Europe. While she was traveling, she wore her Colombia soccer jersey with pride with the hope to change misconceptions of her home country.
When she came back to Colombia, she asked her mom to take her to the Mercado de Paloquemao, where they had done their shopping when she was a child. She immediately realized that she wanted to show travelers the real side of Colombia through the 433 different fruits found in the country, and thus 321 Colombia was born.
In Majo’s words, “travel enriches your spirits, encourages love, promotes education, develops art and makes our economy flow.” Travel as much as you can, discover the world, come back to Colombia and love Bogotá in the authentic way with 321 Colombia!

Environmental Engagement

321 Colombia will allow you to experience the importance of responsible consumption and taking care of the agricultural products of the country due to Colombia's important role as food reserve of humanity.
Colombia, the country with the largest amount of fruit per square kilometers in the world, is one of the few countries able to increase the production of food that will need to grow 70 to 100% in the next 30 years to feed the estimated world population of 2 billion people in 2050.


After fifty years of internal war, the development of Colombia relies more than ever on the support and progress of its small farmers. With a consumption rate of fruits and vegetables below the international average, where 70% of Colombian population don’t consume any on their daily basis. It is urgently important to create consciousness of the situation and encourage people to overcome this by the must delicious solution “eating at least one more fruit every day.”


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