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Created by women with 20 years of experience, TRC Viajes designs and operates authentic adventures, offering rural community tourism through responsible and sustainable trips in small communities. Here, visitors get to know the Costa Rican people who are protecting forests, rivers, coastlines, and coral reefs. By traveling with TRC Viajes, you can learn about the work performed by local and indigenous communities in relation to the conservation of enviroment, becoming a responsible traveler, and leaving your mark through promotion of socioeconomic development in rural communities.

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Cultural Immersion, Off the Beaten Path and Active Adventure




Rainforest, Rural Communities and Beach

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Locally Owned Social Enterprise
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Why Lokal Recommends TRC Viajes


Social Enterprise started in 2018| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

Community Connection

All TRC projects help support local and indigenous communities through hiring local members and stable employment.

Environmental Engagement

TRC have community tourism projects that are in protected areas, buffer zones, Ramsar sites, wetlands, national parks and biosphere reserves. The funds from each tour assists local community members in their effort to protect and conserve the natural resources surrounding them.


TRC Viajes includes indigenous projects that aim to preserve local culture. These experiences give travelers a chance to explore the unique, often unexplored parts of Costa Rica. A few of the indigenous communities include the Bribri, Maleku, and Boruca.


Experiences from TRC Viajes are located all across Costa Rica.
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