Uros Khantati

in Puno, Peru

Enjoy an island stay on Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake. Located in the high Andean plateau between Peru & Bolivia, Uros Khantati is one of over 50 small islands in an extraordinary archipelago of floating reed islands populated by the Uros, an ancient indigenous people. Partake in daily cultural and active adventure activities, and eat the included traditional cuisine!

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Locally Owned Family Business
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Family Business started in 2002| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Cristina Suaña Coila and her husband, Victor Vilca, started this enterprise in 2002 to encourage visitors to learn about their unique culture and participate in their day-to-day activities. Their objective is to promote unique, authentic and quality tourism, linking it to community livelihoods and conservation of indigenous culture and nature
The Uros are a pre-Incan people living on over 50 floating islands in Lake Titicaca, near the city of Puno, Peru. Their ancestors did not always live on the lake, but expansion and colonization by the Incas centuries ago forced their people to abandon their homes on land and establish a way of life on the surface of Lake Titicaca.

Community Connection

In 1993, at age 26, Cristina became a community leader representing 10 women’s organization among the Uros islands. She's participated in a number of symposiums focusing on the basic rights of indigenous peoples, as well as the needs of rural women and artisans. In 2011, the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism (MINCETUR) presented their community with a first place award for promoting innovations in rural community tourism.
They call themselves kotsuña, or people of the lake. They are not an agricultural people, and therefore subsist by fishing and producing handicrafts.

Environmental Engagement

Uros Khantati is an endeavor to promote responsible and sustainable eco-tourism in the Uros Islands of Lake Titicaca. Their lives depend on the lake, so they strive to ensure their impact on the environment is minimal.
Their island accommodations are clean, comfortable, and always ecologically friendly. Uros Khantati is 100% solar powered, and set an example for sustainability in the region. Keeping their island environmentally friendly not only provides their community with a sustainable source of income, but also serves as an incentive to preserve this unique ecological and cultural wonder.


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