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Make a positive social impact on the local communities of Brazil by going on any of the tours provided by Vivejar. These community-based tours will ensure that you have an authentic experience with the local communities you visit. You will be able to learn how to make traditional Brazilian meals from local people or go on a boat tour guided by local fishermen. These tours will also give you the opportunity to explore the Amazon Rainforest and discover the great biodiversity Brazil has to offer.

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Cultural Immersion, Foodie Fun and Off the Beaten Path


$244-1605 /person
Pricing varies depending on the tour you choose.



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Social Enterprise started in 2007| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Vivejar was created with the premise that travelling can change both travelers and communities. After years of running the organization Raizes Sustainable Development the team decided to create their own tour company to more directly connect travelers to local communities throughout Brazil.

Community Connection

Vivejar focuses on providing community based tours; meaning that their tours are based on concepts and ideas of the local community. This gives the community control over the products that are offered, in addition to receiving the social and economic benefits from these activities.

Environmental Engagement

Vivejar connects local communities with eco-conscious travelers, which increases the communities appriciations for the environment.


By going on these community-based tours, the local communities are able to share different aspects of their culture. This helps local communities preserve their traditions and ancient knowledge.




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