Wasipunko Lodge

in Nazca, Peru

Immerse yourself in nature and the culture of the local communities of Nazca during your stay in Wasipunko Lodge. You can enjoy the traditional and local meals available in Washipunko's restaurant and take part in the local community by visiting local farms and wineries. Enjoy many of the guided hikes that are also available at Wasipunko, including hikes to the lines and geoglyphs of Nazca.

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Cultural Immersion, Connect with Nature, Foodie Fun and Family Friendly


$75 /night
Approximate price for two people sharing a room


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Locally Owned Family Business
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Speaks: Spanish, English and French

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Family Business started in 1984| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Wasipunko Lodge is owned by Peruvian artist, Olivia Sejuro, who has continually promoted the conservation of different plant species through her watercolor paintings. She has painted over 350 plant species and four of her paintings were used in Peru's postage stamps. In addition to her artwork, she continues her conservation efforts for the environment and the culture of the local community through the guided tours available at Wasipunko.

Community Connection

In addition to employing many local people, Wasipunko supports local farmers, artesans, and wineries throught the tours they provide at the lodge.

Environmental Engagement

Wasipunko was built using adobe and other natural materials from the area, making it a very cozy and tranquil environment. They have also recycled over 4000 glass bottles and have used many of them to decorate the lodge. They not only make their own composting, but they also use native plants of the area in their landscaping. As a result, they do not need to use as much water in order to maintain them. The water used in the lodge is filtrated water from the Andes, which gives guests the opportunity to use and drink natural unchlorinated water.


With her experience in interior design, Olivia Sejuro uses her own watercolor paintings along with art from local artisans to give Wasipunko a very cozy atmosphere. By adding these two art forms to the interior design of the lodge, you will continuously be surrounded by the rich culture of the local community.


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